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Portraiture project. Painted works on canvas and sound installation. Individual interview sessions record the visual movements of the face and facial expressions. These are compressed into multi-layered painted works on canvas. Accompanying sound installation made from sections of recorded interviews.

Rhizome Loop Project
In collaboration with composer Chris Dahlgren. Rhizome texts drawn from random source material, formed into rhizome poems, formed into associated imagery paintings, formed into musical compositions, formed into installed painted wall scores. All elements of looping process are displayed in gallery space as an installation. Wall scores are live performed as well as rhizome texts read aloud.

Walking Project
Time based paintings related to the process of walking. Two month record photographically of daily walks with counted steps. The process is reinterpreted and compressed visually through painted works on canvas.

Film paintings
Three minute long "films." Layered imagery of small movements. Grass movements, tree branches swaying, after rain drips,snow swirls.etc. Manipulated imagery and layers of the same repeating image. Looped transparencies. Placed in time formats and played as one image. Multiple view points and movement speeds seen and compressed visually into one frame.

Painting for Sound-"Binding Point"
Collaboration with improvising musicians. Improvised sound paintings. Multiple canvases placed in the performance space. All sounds of the process of mark making are broadcast through the use of contact mics. The tools and materials become sound elements. Elements of the act of painting are heard...the mark making process becomes not just a visual experience but is acted upon firstly as a listening intention in collaboration with the sounds generated by those participating. Of course the visual element is what is left. The record of sound then seen visually per say. The act of responding as a group each useing his or her medium with the intent of making sound. Movement in medium is also an element. Room dynamic. And just plain fun. Gets me listening and of course changes entirely the content of the painted works.
  © 2004 by Barbara Droubay    produced by bureau Landegaard